By Whitney Pastorek
Updated January 13, 2010 at 10:25 PM EST

American Idol finalist Danny “Put the Go In” Gokey was bound to land somewhere, and as much as I’d like to pretend it’s not true, Nashville was the logical place. Oh sure, he’s about as down-home as my Swatch collection, but for whatever reason, country is now the catchall genre for generic adult contemporary types attempting to make a commercial splash rather than an artistic one. So how’s it going? Well, his treacly first swing at a single, “It’s Only,” went nowhere at all. Now, his slight improvement of a second single (which they are calling his first), the awkwardly-titled “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me,” debuted at No. 55 on the country charts. Progress!

What do you think, Mixers? Anyone besides Team Gokey Superfans from last season’s Idol run on board with this dude as a “country” singer? Do you, like me, wish the Nashville gatekeepers would quit trying to make a quick buck off folks like this and get back to shepherding legit artists? You can hear both singles on his MySpace page, and before you weigh in, don’t forget to watch my interview with Gokey from last fall’s Country Music Awards, after the jump. (Sorry about the Twilight question; it was the night before New Moon opened, and we all have our marching orders, okay?)

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