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Question: What’s coming up for Sam and Addison on Private Practice? —Lisa

Ausiello: Things will heat up between those two crazy kids in February, but their guilty consciences will prove a major obstacle. There will also be an added complication involving (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) another doctor who has long been waiting in the wings.

Question: I am drinking a Diet Raspberry Snapple and thinking of you (in a non-stalker sort of way) and am hoping you might give me some Grey’s Anatomy scoop! —Lesley

Ausiello: Mexie is M’over. The lovers will break things off this week, but it doesn’t really become official until next week when word of their respective dalliances comes to light. Interestingly, someone’s not as pissed off as I would’ve thought.

Question: When is Izzie returning to Grey’s Anatomy? —Jesse

Ausiello: Katherine Heigl returns to the set in late February, so, by my guesstimation, we’ll see Izzie back on air in March or April. In related news, I want that schedule. I’ll even adopt a baby if that’s what it takes.

Question: Rumor has it there’s a big Gibbs story coming up on NCIS. —Leslie

Ausiello: That’s one of those true rumors. The smash procedural is getting ready to introduce the mother of one of Gibbs’ ex-wives — a character exec producer Shane Brennan says will shed light on “what happened in his past.” Casting is underway for the multi-episode role.

Question: When is House going to change its opening title sequence to add Olivia Wilde and Peter Jacobson? They’ve had the same opening since the beginning. —Anonymous

Ausiello: In spite of your funny name, or perhaps because of it, I asked exec producer Katie Jacobs for you. Her reply: “In season 4, people said, ‘Are you going to change the credits once you decide on who you are adding to the team?’ and I felt like it was awkward to switch in the middle of the season. I could have done it season 5. I certainly didn’t want to change anything [at the start of season 6] because we opened so differently. But now I am thinking about it. I think they should be part of it.” Olivia, Peter, you can send your thank-you notes directly to Anonymous.

Question: Please tell us something about Jennifer Morrison returning to House! —Amy

Ausiello: I should’ve seen it coming! Here’s what Omar Epps told us about JMo’s exit and possible comeback last week at the People’s Choice Awards: “I definitely miss her… I certainly didn’t see it coming. I don’t think anyone did. She is a great person and I’d gotten used to seeing her most days of the year. [But] she is not officially gone. It isn’t like they killed her off. And even if they had, we’ve already had a dead person come back with Amber. So there is still a possibility.” The clues were everywhere!

Question: Is Amy Ryan returning to The Office? —Dan

Ausiello: Yes! Eventually! “I really want her to come back at some point, but there’s nothing definite right now ,” says Office e.p. Greg Daniels. “But I have all the plans in the world to have her back. Michael needs to see her again. They have so much that’s not resolved.” For now, Michael will have his hands full dealing with all the turmoil at Dunder Mifflin under new boss Kathy Bates. And when that crisis passes, Daniels hints that Michael may start dating again. “I expect probably before the end of the year that there may be something [romantic] for him.”

Question: Is Desperate Housewives going to show Katherine in the nuthouse? —Naomi

Ausiello: There’s some loony bin stuff in the near future, but that’s not the big news. This is the big news: “I have a very exciting storyline coming up that I’m really excited about,” reveals upcoming Castle guest star Dana Delany, who adds that the top-secret plot (thankfully) does not involve a continuation of crazy Katherine. “It’s a new Katherine.”

Question: Let’s say the worst-case scenario happens with Fringe and it doesn’t get renewed for another season. Will the final episode tie up all the loose ends? —David

Ausiello: It’s a valid, albeit depressing, question. J.J. Abrams, what say you? “There is a great finale for this year,” he says. “[But] there’s no way [it will] wrap up the series. But I’m not even thinking about that. I’m thinking of where we’re going to [take the story] in the next year and beyond. I’m apparently more optimistic than you.” Technically, David’s the pessimist. I’m just the messenger. Blame him.

Question: Criminal Minds boss Ed Bernero previously teased a big episode coming up that would shed light on the JJ character. What more can you tell us? —Annie

Ausiello: “It will be the revelation of an incident from her childhood,” Bernero tells me, “which, we think, will inform even deeper why she displays the compassion she does for the family members of the victims of tragedies.”

Question: If this is Cold Case‘s final season, will we get closure? Any scoop in the meantime? – Joe

Ausiello: According to Kathryn Morris, no matter what happens, the plan is to leave the, er, Case open. “Our intention with this season,” she says, “is in no way to tie things up with a bow. We are really going for it.” Translate that for me… I mean for Joe, Kathryn. “Lily almost died [in last season’s finale], and now we are really going to get into [the fallout from] that story. She has the potential for going rogue [as] she questions the code the detectives live by, because it didn’t work when trying to put the guy away that tried to kill her.”

Question: Any casting scoop on Law & Order: Criminal Intent? —Todd

Ausiello: Karate Kid alert! Ralph Macchio will guest star in an upcoming dog fighting-themed episode, appropriately titled “Inhumane Society.”

Question: Is Greek really in danger of being canceled? —Lisa

Ausiello: I heard rumblings to that effect, but it wasn’t until ABC Family basically renewed every single one of its scripted programs except Greek this week that the show’s bubble status really hit me. I’m told ABC Family execs will be looking very closely at the ratings for the show’s premiere on Jan. 25, so, please, tell everyone and your sister to watch it.

Question: Earlier this week, Josh Schwartz answered some Gossip Girl questions on Twitter, and he said that Chuck and Blair would get a lot of sexy time, but that maybe they would go too far. Could you please be more clear and maybe tell us what he means with going too far? –Fernanda

Ausiello: I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Josh Schwartz is using his Twitter account as a spoiler dispenser. That’s just what I need, more competition. But enough about me and my insecurities. Here’s what I was able to get out of Schwartz: “After conferring with Stephanie Savage about what to say without saying too much, I’d add that Chuck and Blair have always played games to keep their romance exciting. But sometimes those games go too far and have a cost.”

Question: Any Gossip Girl scoop about Jenny? —Angelica

Ausiello: Mr. Spoiler himself, Josh Schwartz (maybe I should start referring to him as my frenemy?), also recently tweeted that an upcoming GG episode was titled “The 16 Year Old Virgin.” There’s your Jenny spoiler.

Question: Any Heroes scoop? —Adam

Ausiello: Just this one cryptic tease from my good buddy Greg Grunberg: “The only way to get rid of or really handle the evil guy Sylar is to get more dark and more evil than he is, and that’s pretty much where my character goes.” Parkman more evil than Sylar? Wow, I’m really behind on Heroes.

Question: What’s going on with my fave Glee couple, Artie and Tina? —Stephanie

Ausiello: They say it’s always darkest before the dawn, and, to hear Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) tell it, these two are nowhere near the dawn yet. “You will definitely see more conflict between Artie and Tina,” she says. “After the first 13 episodes, it was left like, ‘What’s going to happen?’ Fans will get a little resolution.” Yes, but will it be the resolution they want? “The episodes,” she promises, “just get better and better.”

Question: Is Quinn still gonna be pregnant when Glee comes back? – Gia

Ausiello: I’m not gonna answer your question, I’m gonna let Quinn herself, Dianna Agron, do it. Dianna? “I am still pregnant” when the show returns in April, she says in character. However, she won’t reveal whether Quinn will actually give birth this season. “Anything is possible,” she teases. “Have you seen those reality show where people… have babies in bathrooms and all kinds of crazy places? I might have to start watching those shows for inspiration.” In maybe-related news, Glee has issued a casting call for a pair of African-American infant twins. Coincidence? Yeah. A show insider assures me that Quinn is not going to pop out a surprise in the delivery room.

Question: Must. Have. Glee. Scoop. Please? —Hallie

Ausiello: Okay. Hallie. If. You. Insist. “One of us gets killed off,” Chris Colfer (Kurt) tells me, “when a flying tap shoe smacks us in the face.” But seriously… Cory Monteith (Finn), can you help? “I got yelled at for saying stuff,” he insists. “I got my hand slapped, so now I have to be on my best behavior.” C’mon, Cory, you can do better than that, and you, I and Hallie all know it. “I can tell you this much,” he finally confesses. “There will be singing, the show will still be called Glee, and it is now basketball season. Finn will still have time conflicts, thanks to his many interests.” Now, was that so hard?

Question: There’s a rumor going around that Jessalyn Gilsig is leaving Glee. True? —Matt

Ausiello: That’s one of those false rumors. I just spoke to Gilsig at Fox’s press tour party and she confirmed what I’ve long suspected: Project Redeem Terri will kick off shortly after the show returns in April — and there’s a good chance it’ll be set to music. “I think I will be singing and dancing [this season],” she told me. “I don’t know if I’ll do them at the same time. I think a song makes everybody forgiving — that and a sister with special needs.” And just like that, I’m a Terri fan. Behold the power of extreme likability and mad soundbite skills.

Question: I thought the HIMYM smoking episode was hilarious, but does Alyson Hannigan really smoke? —Joe

Ausiello: In a word, God, no! (Okay, two words.) “The smoking episode was horrible to shoot,” says the actress. “It was a funny script, but faking all that smoking was murder on my throat and eyes. They were fake cigarettes, but it was still really gross to us non-smokers.” More appealing to Hannigan is the idea of giving Lily and Marshall a baby. “I actually wouldn’t mind being pregnant on the show at some point,” she says. “And I think these characters are getting to an age where that just starts happening naturally. But it would certainly hinder the bar scenes. Pregnant woman in the bar drinking? Not so [funny]. Then the baby would get there and we’d have to figure out what to do with it all the time. It would separate Lily and Marshall from the group too much [which] would interrupt the camaraderie, which is the cornerstone of HIMYM. So I think, in the end that is what is truly stalling the baby. But if we get enough seasons, it would have to happen eventually.”

Question: It’s the last season of Nip/Tuck and you’ve given us nothing! —Jenny

Ausiello: Shocking death coming! Brace yourself!

Question: If you see Brendan Hines from Lie to Me at press tour this week, please ask him if there are there any plans for a Loker character-centric episode in the near/possible future? —@spillednotes

Ausiello: Ask and you shall receive: “I think that’s coming up in another two or three episodes,” he told me. “In the meantime, we’ve got a really good episode that we’re about to start shooting that involves a bombing near the office. I get mixed up in it quite a bit, so that’ll be fun for the one reader who wrote you.”

Question: I am dying for some good Numb3rs scoop. Do you have any Charlie and Amita spoilers? —Liz

Ausiello: I don’t, but exec producer Cheryl Heuton does. “Amita and Charlie discover that sometimes circumstances can upset the most carefully laid plans,” she teases. “And they’re not the only ones who might find themselves changing the status of a relationship — other regular characters consider new arrangements. There could be ‘break-ups,’ ‘new couplings,’ even a ‘threesome.’ Sorta.” Kinky! What else can we expect? “Several recurring characters show up, including a major fan favorite. Lots of decisions get made, lots of new things get started.” BTW, Ms. Heuton is currently chronicling the making of the procedural’s season (and possible series) finale via Twitter. Good, insidery stuff.

Question: Now that we know Taylor Kitsch won’t be back on Friday Night Lights full time, what about Aimee Teegarden and Jesse Plemons? —Chris

Ausiello: It sounds like they’ll both be back for one of those farewell arcs that FNL does so well. According to exec producer Jason Katims, both Landry and Julie will be high school graduates at the start of season 5. “They will definitely be on the show next season,” he adds, “I just don’t know whether it’s every episode or not. But [at the very least] they’ll both have significant arcs.

Question: Did you get to the bottom of the no mo’ Mo-Mo on Nurse Jackie mystery at press tour? —Nick

Ausiello: Kind of but not really. The dramedy’s producers maintain that they dumped him because Jackie didn’t need two best friends. But that still doesn’t explain why they didn’t bring Haaz Sleiman back for an episode to give Mo-Mo a proper send-off. So I asked them about that. “It was impossible timing-wise,” responded exec producer Linda Wallem. “His deal was up and he was working on an independent film. We were also jumping [ahead in] time. So, it was like, okay, we’re going to do like in life: He moved on and got another job.” In related news, I’m moving on as well — from this story, not the show.

Question: Corner Kevin Williamson at press tour and get some good Vampire Diaries dirt on Damon/Elena. —Beth

Ausiello: I did you one better. I cornered him, got him drunk, and then went in for the kill. “What’s going to be really fun for Damon isn’t seducing Elena — she’s in love with Stefan, so that’s not going to work,” notes KW. “The best way to truly piss off Stefan is to be her friend. True love doesn’t necessarily come from passion. And he also needs the friend. So they develop an unlikely friendship that’s real.”

Question: Any Big Bang Theory scoop that doesn’t involve Penny, Sheldon, or Leonard? —Jesse

Ausiello: According to my notes, that leaves two people — one of which is Raj! “We are shooting our Valentine’s Day episode right now,” says Kunal Nayyar. “Raj is alone, Sheldon hates the very idea of holiday, and Leonard plans a big surprise for Penny that doesn’t work out. Wolowitz might have the best Valentine’s Day by default.”

Question: I’m psyched that Zack is returning for Bones 100th episode, but I’d be more psyched if he was coming back full-time. Any chance of that happening? —Carrie

Ausiello: “We have no plans for him coming back full-time,” says exec producer Stephen Nathan. “The way the interns are working out now is so great for us. We have the opportunity to use so many wonderful actors.” As far as Zack’s role in the 100th is concerned, Nathan says we’ll see “Booth’s first introduction to Zack and how he formed his very odd opinion of him.”

Question: What happened to Brennan’s maternal instincts on Bones? —Ed

Ausiello: She’s still got ’em! “You can’t un-ring a bell,” says e.p. Stephen Nathan. “That’s something she will always come back to. It won’t be a major focus for the rest of this season, but it’s something that we will revisit.”

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