Adam Scott

When I saw that trailer for Leap Year I had one of those “hey I love that guy, but what’s his name?!” moments with Amy Adams’ American boyfriend. And then today a friend forwarded me a trailer for this new indie film Passenger Side (I’ll watch anything named after a Wilco song) and there’s the guy again.

Turns out the actor in question Adam Scott (not the equally attractive PGA golfer of the same name). I first realized I’d seen Scott in Passenger Side director Matt Bissonnette’s charming earlier film Who Loves The Sun. I IMDB’d him and, wow, this dude’s been in a lot of great stuff: He played Will Ferrell’s brother Derek in Step Brothers; a male nurse in Knocked Up; Palek in HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me, Henry (EWwy nominee!) in Starz’s Party Down. He’s also a vet of Party of Five, Eastbown & Down, ER, and Boy Meets World. How did I not know the fantastically talented Mr. Scott’s name already? Maybe it’s because he has two first names. Anyway, I have committed his moniker to memory, and he’s my new excuse to pay money this weekend to see Leap Year. (Clearly, I’m later than Margaret Lyons on his love train.)

Next up, look for him in Piranha 3-D. For now, check out this trailer for Passenger Side. Even if you don’t care about Adam Scott, the trailer below shows a shirtless Gale Harold (which never hurt anyone). Extra credit if you ID Mickey Cottrell from My Own Private Idaho.

Anyone else a fan of Adam Scott, whether or not you knew his name?

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