Forget the leather-clad fantasia (snakes! spikes! fancy walking sticks!) of La Lambert’s last small-screen effort, “For Your Entertainment”—on his Pink-penned third single “Whataya Want from Me,” Idol‘s most fantabulous runner-up is looking decidedly un-Adamy:

Wherefore art thou, Glammy Glambert? This young man with the lycra-free garments and low-product hair and mere smidgen of eyeliner, we know him not. Perhaps it is his second cousin, Glumbert.

But hark! What have we here? Ah yes, a sharp suit! The hair has met its good friend Molding Paste yet again, and rises like a Phoenix from the ashes! I think I smell eyebrow powder. Senor Glammy, he returns:

Hmmm. I was actually just starting to enjoy this somber Sadbert. The thoughtful dress-down actually suits him; it’s like a sweet little sequin-free palate cleanser. But what do you think, readers? The full video premieres on VH1 this Friday at 6am; will this be the song that finally pushes him past the top 50 on Billboard’s Hot 100?

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