As anyone who reads The Daily Bugle knows by now, Tobey Maguire will not be back for Spider-Man 4. Neither will Sam Raimi, the director who kick-started the superhero saga back in 2002. And since Sony, the studio behind the Web-slinger franchise, has no intention of letting their cash cow dry up, it’s currently in the process of rebooting Spidey in a younger, more contemporary direction with a (presumably) younger, less-expensive actor as Peter Parker.

So we’re wondering, which of Hollywood’s hot teens and twentysomethings should be considered to don the Spidey suit? Here are a few possibilities. Afterwards, let us know who your candidates are.

Zac Efron Age: 22 Why our Spidey sense is tingling: He’s already proven that he can put teenage butts in seats thanks to High School Musical, and he ‘s familiar with bizarre, supernatural bodily transformations thanks to 17 Again. He can sing, he can dance, he can smolder and brood (but not too threateningly, mind you). Heck, he can even convincingly shoot hoops! What can’t this guy do? Compared to belting out pop songs in the cafeteria, swinging from a web and tangling with Green Goblin should be a cakewalk.

Robert Pattinson Age: 23 Why our Spidey sense is tingling: Okay, he’s British, pasty, and he’s got a pretty busy schedule, what with all these Twilight movies you may have heard about. But if I were a Sony bean counter, I’d be stuffing the ballot box for this guy. After all, this could be the ultimate parasite blockbuster. Think about it: First, you cast Kristen Stewart as Mary Jane Watson, then you cast Taylor Lautner as Harry Osborn (i.e., James Franco’s role), then boom!…just sit back and watch the greenbacks pile up. If I ran Sony and wanted to retire to a private island, this would be my choice.

Daniel Radcliffe Age: 20 Why our Spidey sense is tingling: Because he’s about to have a whole lot of time on his hands. With the Potter films finally kaput, Radcliffe no doubt wants to show folks he’s more than just Hogwarts’ resident boy wizard — he’s a serious actor. What better way than to play a character whose great power brings great responsibility? Plus, we love the idea of Michael Gambon as a Dumbledore-ish Uncle Ben.

Shia LaBeouf Age: 23 Why our Spidey sense is tingling: First of all, he seems like the kind of guy who might actually read comic books. That’s a plus. Second, he won’t freak out when this thing blows up and becomes a monster hit since he’s already a franchise veteran (Transformers, Indiana Jones). Third, unlike a lot of teen-steam heartthrobs, he doesn’t seem like…well, a wuss. There, I said it. This can’t be emphasized enough. Please, if you insist on casting a new Peter Parker, do not cast a wuss.

Jaden Smith Age: 11 Why our Spidey sense is tingling: The star of the new Karate Kid‘s dad, Will Smith, has made a ton of money for Sony over the years. So I’m guessing all he’d have to do is have pops pick up the phone and dial Amy Pascal’s digits and this things a done deal. Actually, the kid’s a good actor, too. But the Kryptonite-like power of nepotism is never to be underestimated.

Okay, now tell us who you want to see as Peter Parker…

Photo Credit: Pattinson: Glenn Harris/PR Photos; Spider-Man: Marvel Comics; Efron: Janet Mayer/PR Photos