Last week, Lost fans took on a mighty foe that threatened the on-time arrive of the show’s Feb. 2 premiere and won! That dragon: President Obama’s State of the Union address. Fans made their voices heard with Tweets and petitions, and the president made like Neville Chamberlain and, like, totally caved! That’s right, Lost fans: We were the ones that influenced President Obama’s decision-making, and don’t let anyone (more reasonable and informed) tell you otherwise!

Having cowed the White House, Lost fans have now taken on a new mission. But I worry that we’re facing a more powerful foe than even the Commander In Chief. For who can dare sway the indomitable will of… The Walt Disney Company! Here’s the deal: Lost fans think that Disney, which owns Lost, should create a Disney attraction. Specifically, they think the company’s Imagineers should renovate Tom Sawyer Island (which no one really gives a flying Huck Finn about, anyway) and turn into…The Island. Just imagine: Interactive Dharma Stations! Jacob’s Haunted Shack! Michael’s Exploding Raft! Leslie Artz’s Insect House! PLUS: Animatronic polar bears, boars and Hurley birds! An all-you-can-eat buffet at the Dharma Palette Drop! And do you dare journey into The Temple’s ancient crack and confront your inner demons within…Smokey’s Court of Judgment?!?

See? This is a killer idea. Credit Lost super-fan Jon Steuve of (also on Twitter @LOST_WFTB) for starting the online petition and rallying his Twitter followers to sign it. He hopes to be able to get 5000 signatures prior to the “Sunset on the Beach” season 6 premiere event in Hawaii on January 30. Among the petition’s supporters: One Damon Lindelof. (As for fellow exec producer Carlton Cuse, he’d prefer that Disney develop an E-ride.)

Personally, I think Disney should get cracking on this ASAP or else Lost fans will stop asking nicely and use their newfound political clout to make President Obama issue an executive order. I’ve signed the petition — won’t you? Please?! Make Disneyland the SUPER-DUPEREST happiest place on earth! Do it! Do it…in one second. Before you click away: what’s your pitch for a Lost ride at Disneyland? Post below. And please: come back to later this week for my Doc Jensen column — and for a major scoop!

Photo Credit: Park: Bob Krist/Corbis; Ship: Sergio Gaudenti/Kipa/Corbos

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