The CW’s new series Life Unexpected premieres on Monday but you can watch the first nine minutes of the pilot below.

As predicted, it does look Gilmore Girls-esque and Everwood-y, with a pinch of Juno.

My initial thoughts are:

1) Kerr Smith (Jack from Dawson’s Creek) has grown up very nicely.

2) I already have a geek crush on Baze’s bespectacled sidekick (played by Austin Basis).

3) Baze’s bar looks a little like the Humphreys loft from Gossip Girl.

4) Do you recognize Kristoffer Polaha (Baze) as Don and Betty’s neighbor Carlton (Francine’s hubby) from early Mad Men?

5) I now have a burning need to know if it’s realistic that a kid in the foster care system could be emancipated at age 16 with signatures from his/her biological parents? Any social workers out there have the answer?

What are your initial reactions? Does this taster get you excited for the season premiere?

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