It won’t be 100% official until Nielsen SoundScan numbers are released tomorrow morning, but decadent dance phenom Ke$ha is almost certainly about to evict Susan Boyle from the top spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Ke$ha’s Animal is looking like such a sure thing for No. 1 that Billboard itself is confidently predicting an “easy win” over Boyle, who has ruled that chart for the past six weeks.

Bear that in mind as you watch the chart-queen-to-be’s appearance on George Lopez’s talk show last night (below). First, the Lopez Tonight host asked about her arrival in this world of ours, which he seemed to think involved her mother literally giving birth in the middle of a raging rave. “She wasn’t at a party, she threw a party,” Ke$ha clarified. “She invited all of her friends over, and they were just kicking it, and then all of a sudden I, like, flew out.” This is a very important distinction. Then Ke$ha taught Lopez how to brush his teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels, just like she does in the opening lyrics of her hit “TiK ToK.” Finally, she performed “TiK ToK” (clip after the jump) — slightly underwhelming in a live context, oh well.

What do you think of Ke$ha’s stop by Lopez Tonight? And assuming all the predictions come true and she bests Boyle tomorrow, how long do you think she’ll stay at No. 1? Sound off in the comments.

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