I had a most trivial revelation this morning. While reading Vin Diesel‘s Facebook update about his receiving the story for TWO additional Fast and the Furious movies, I saw that the guy has a whopping 7.2 million registered FB fans. At first that seems like an impossibly huge number, until you remember how giant the F&F movies are (the fourth film, which released last April, pulled in more than $155 million domestically, and landed Vin and costar Paul Walker on the cover of Entertainment Weekly).

It’s kind of weird, because tons of people clearly see those movies, but I personally don’t know anyone who’d claim to be a bona fide fan. And that’s when the revelation hit me: I myself have seen every Fast and the Furious movie. Not that seeing the entirety of a four-film franchise is a colossal achievement, but I accomplished this without ever making a point of seeing a single one. The 2001 debut: Caught a rental at a friend’s house; 2003’s 2 Fast 2 Furious (which was Vin-less): Saw it at the theater when Matrix: Reloaded Imax was sold out; 2006’s Tokyo Drift (which has neither Walker nor Diesel): Watched it all the way through on basic cable one night — hey, the drifts through the parking garage are awesome (see the trailer below), as is Vin’s tiny cameo at the end; last year’s Fast & Furious: Randomly chose it one night on pay-per-view shortly after purchasing my first high-def set (a good choice). And voila! The whole series. And having thoroughly enjoyed each one, I definitely look forward to inadvertently stumbling onto the next two (or eight or how-many-ever) franchise installments.

What about you PopWatchers? What film franchise did you one day realize you’d seen all the way through — even though you never intended to see a single one?