Disney Studios, in the midst of a management shuffle, has parted ways with yet another top executive aligned with the previous management team. Oren Aviv, the studio’s current president of production and a longtime employee of the Mouse House, resigned today after 20 years of service.

Aviv served as the studio’s president of marketing for six years before transitioning over to head the production department in 2006. But Aviv had served under previous chairman Dick Cook for the majority of those years and upon Cook’s firing last year, it was not implausible that Aviv would leave too.

New studio head Rich Ross will announce a replacement for Aviv shortly.

Aviv’s statement interestingly highlighted his movies due out later this year: “I’m proud of the hundreds of movies I’ve helped to make and market, especially the studio’s upcoming films, from Alice in Wonderland and Prince of Persia to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Tron. All have been extremely rewarding creative and personal endeavors for me, and have allowed me to work with the best group of executives and staff in the business.”