By Chris Harrison
Updated January 12, 2010 at 06:03 AM EST

It’s been a wild week in Bachelor-ville and we have a lot to discuss, but first let me thank you for making our premiere episode such a huge success. I would love to talk to you about other stuff this week like Ali’s cool ”Chicago” date or the games Elizabeth’s starting to play but the whole time all you’re doing is staring at the ten-ton pink elephant standing in the middle of the room so let’s just deal with it shall we? I hope you all had a chance to see for yourself just what happened involving… Rozlyn. The great thing about this blog is now I can take you even deeper into what exactly happened, give you more details, and tell you how it all went down.

You heard me say in the episode that Rozlyn and one of our staffers entered into an inappropriate relationship. I realize this is somewhat vague and open to interpretation, so let me be more specific. It was an inappropriate relationship that got physical. This was not just about one person’s ”feelings” for another. We would never go to such extremes because of a schoolyard crush. After extensive research and doing our homework we came to the conclusion without a shadow of a doubt that an inappropriate relationship had occurred. Now the million dollar question: How do we know this? First of all, several girls in the house independently witnessed the inappropriate behavior firsthand, and they came forward and told producers what was taking place. Second, the staffer came forward and confessed everything himself. He told executive producers everything about his inappropriate physical relationship with Rozlyn. As I clearly stated on the show last night, we took what happened very seriously and this staffer was let go immediately. With what you saw last night and with what I just told you there should now be no doubt or questions whatsoever as to what really happened during Rozlyn’s short time on the show. I can also tell you here that since Rozlyn left the show she and the staffer have continued their relationship and have seen each other several times. Let me be very clear that as unfortunate as all this was there are no ill feelings toward anybody involved and we wish both of them well. In the little time I got to know her, Rozlyn was a very nice young lady and in no way would I ever want to add any undue stress or embarrassment to her life. So that’s what happened, now let me tell you exactly how it happened.

I arrived to the second rose ceremony just like any other day, but things quickly changed. Executive producers pulled me aside and told me pretty much word for word what I just wrote above. At this point the cocktail party had already started and Jake, the ladies, and the majority of the crew knew nothing about what was going on and were continuing as usual. Once the executive producers gave me the details there was no question as to what had to happen. In the past there have been things, like Wes last season, where we want real life scenarios to play out for the bachelor or bachelorette. But on this occasion, a line was crossed that just couldn’t be tolerated and it had to be dealt with immediately. Executive producers told me that I would be the one that would pull Rozlyn aside and explain to her that we knew everything about her relationship with our staffer and that she would have to leave the show immediately. They also informed me that I would also then have to tell Jake and the women.

I can’t begin to tell you how uncomfortable this made me feel. I honestly felt sick to my stomach. I don’t know if you noticed in the episode but when I first started talking to her outside I had to pause because I got a little choked up. I was emotional and I can easily say this was one of the toughest things I’ve had to deal with in the eight years I’ve been hosting this show. I thought Rozlyn handled it very well and was dignified about the whole thing. Talking to Rozlyn was tough but telling Jake just flat out sucked. I knew that he really liked this girl and she was, in fact, one of his frontrunners at the time. At first Jake was pissed and I can’t blame him. No doubt some of that anger was directed at us and deservedly so.

I’m sure you could tell but I was pretty much flying by the seat of my pants. There is no formula for this and we really had no idea exactly how Jake would respond. He quickly composed himself and decided that he wanted to be with me when I told the other women. I have to give Jake a ton of credit. I don’t know if I could have been as composed having just heard that kind of news. By the time Jake and I joined the women they had seen Rozlyn leave and obviously knew something major had just taken place. You could cut the tension in that room with a knife when we entered. The women were already emotional and I hadn’t even told them what happened yet. As I was telling them what exactly happened all I remember is the look in their eyes and how deadly quiet it was in that room. You also have to remember that not all of the crew knew and many of them were finding out as I gave these speeches so they were also stunned. The mood and feeling in the house that night was unlike anything I’ve experienced on this show, and I hope it will be the last time. You also need to understand that this was one of our co-workers and for many a very good friend who had been involved in this and was suddenly not there anymore. So it was a very emotional night for our crew as well. This is the first time where everybody in the house, us included, had to come to grips with something like this at the same time.

To sum all of this up just let me say again that I wish nothing but the best for these two, I really do. This was an unfortunate incident that played out before all of our eyes. As I said on the show we were not only disappointed but we were a little embarrassed as well. However, since The Bachelor is a reality show it means being truthful about what happened and showing everything that occurred even if it makes us uncomfortable. We take great pride in this show and I will tell you that we have one of the most amazing crews in the business. We have become a tight knit family over the last eight years and it is my sincere hope that we never have to deal with an incident like this ever again. Thank you for all your support and this incident aside we have a phenomenal season ahead of us. I know you will have comments about this and I’m sure more questions. I hope I was able to dispel many wild unfounded rumors and in doing so answer many of your questions in the process. I will be reading your comments and as usual you can always find me on Facebook and Twitter (@chrisbharrison).

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