By Annie Barrett
Updated July 29, 2020 at 05:58 PM EDT

Jon Hamm will return to 30 Rock to reprise his role as lovably oblivious pretty person Dr. Baird on Feb. 11! This obviously deserves its own post, and not just a tragically unillustrated bullet point in the Mixed-Up TCA Press Tour Files of Mr. Michael E. Ausiello (I doubt his middle name starts with E; I just like thinking about this book).

What does it all mean?! Will Liz Lemon give the guy with a face for Disney animation a second chance? I don’t see this as a revenge plot, considering that when the good doctor last rolled out of frame, it was on a sad motorcycle sure to wobble over at any second, and Liz pretty much had the upper hand/better tennis swing. But who knows — I wouldn’t put it past Lesbian Yellow Sourfruit to turn down a complimentary app sampler should she happen to meet Dr. Baird at a restaurant. How do you think Hamm’s return to 30 Rock will go down? Easier than Salmon Bourguignon with Orange Gatorade?

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