Settle this for us, PopWatchers. I say the American Idol winner (or Rock Singer, according to this semi-unfortunate chyron), who helped build a house in Indiana on last night’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, reminded me of Jason Bateman on a Bluth Company construction site in Arrested Development. I don’t know, I just got a vibe. Office miscreant Michael Slezak, on the other hand, says hell to the no he they look nothing alike! Whatever. The blue tone of the hat corrupts the comparison. Either way, it was a good thing Cookie Monster had a hard hat to cover up his hair, and Slezak and I both agree that David Cook should not hesitate to incorporate a hard hat into his next music video. We are on the same page again! The page is called POPWATCH and it is Solid As A Rock. Oh and the title of this post should really be “Annie comes up with lamest excuse yet to bring up Arrested Development.”

Speaking of Idol, the Ford sponsorship on Home Edition is out of control. It was especially poignant when Ty told the Cowan family their brand new Ford F150 and then explained, “It’s built Ford Tough. Just like your garage.” Anyone else tune in last night to watch David Cook auction off homemade pillows for a grand each?

Hell to the No!
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