Dana Carvey and Spike Feresten are developing a half-hour sketch comedy series for Fox, and I am developing an early obsession with the show. Bring on the revival of sketch! Once upon a time, there were enough sketch shows that we ran round-ups of all of them. Now, well…SNL is still on?

Most comedy nerds today have similar sketch touchstones from the days of yore: The Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, The State, and, of course, The Dana Carvey Show.

Please let Carvey’s new show be the dawn of a new day in sketch comedy. We’re due. Short segments are our go-to format — hola, viral video potential — and the rules have never been looser when it comes to what viewers expect from network comedies.

I’m weirdly optimistic about this, PopWatchers. Carvey’s a sketch god, and Feresten’s comedy credentials are impeccable (even if his talk show didn’t quite work). On your high-hopes-o-meter, where does this rank?