During the final minutes of last night’s Brothers & Sisters, my jaw dropped as low as Kevin’s in this photo. When I realized Nora was turning a lunch date with Simon into a sting operation, I literally chanted “No-ra! No-ra! No-ra!” on my sofa. I may also have yelled “Suck it, Simon!” at some point, too. Not proud, just honest.

So, six weeks after skipping Justin and Rebecca’s wedding, Simon wanted back in Nora’s life. Even though Sarah told Nora the only reason Simon never cashed her check was because she canceled it, Nora was willing to hear him out. I was done with Simon by this point, so I only half-listened to his explanation, but apparently, there was a guy stealing from him. After a stop in Florida, Simon went to Guatemala, turned the guy into the authorities, then went into the jungle to check on his “projects” and caught Bone Break Fever from a mosquito bite. By the time he had the strength to call Nora, he thought it would be better if he waited to explain his long absence in person. Even if that BS were true, that “make you worry even longer plan” would have been grounds to smack him.

We all thought Nora had planned a romantic lunch for Simon at her house — even after Sarah tried to tell her mother that she had found something fishy on Google about him. (Nora hadn’t let her finish: it was a photo of Simon and an older woman at a charity event in Boca Raton). But, as Nora later said, Sarah isn’t the only one who knows how to Google. When Simon arrived, she slowly revealed that she had called the woman in the picture and found out that she’d woken up one morning to an empty bed and an empty bank account. Cue the doorbell. “Gosh, I’m so sorry about those charges she’s filed,” Nora said, adding that Simon shouldn’t keep the detective waiting so he better grab a sandwich and go. Then, it got even better. Sarah, who’d coincidentally stopped by and got to watch the whole thing unfold, told Nora she was incredible, “Like a Bond girl.” “Not a Bond girl, I was Bond. Not his girl,” Nora corrected. And just then, Saul popped out of the pantry. “There’s the Bond girl,” Nora said. Saul, breathless with adrenaline, said, “I had my finger on the alarm’s panic button the whole time I was there!” The scene was so good, I’ve embedded it below. (Bonus: I also included the scene before it with Scotty in the hot denim shirt that I’ll be referencing later. You’re welcome.) Sarah, of course, immediately asked for her cell so she could initiate the Walking Sibling Phone Tree. Nora looked sad. Even though busting Simon was satisfying, she still lost someone she cared for. Sarah and Saul seemed to forget that…

Moving on, Kevin and Scotty’s surrogacy story line progressed, with Kevin getting competitive over the number of embryos they each managed to turn into “blasts.” At first, Kevin had more that were viable (five to three), but then all three of Scotty’s made it to “advanced blasts,” and only one of Kevin’s. After Kevin got so competitive with Paige’s science fair project that he almost ruined it, he realized being a father means not making it about yourself. He wanted both embryos implanted into the surrogate to be Scotty’s. But Scotty, being wonderful as always (and smokin’ hot in that denim shirt) said even if biology wasn’t fair, they could be. It would be one from each of them. J’adore him.

Back to Paige’s science project. I would be fine if Sarah’s kids spent more time with their father, Joe. That said, at least the writers found a way to have a lot of s— go down at that fair. The whole independent child/smothering mother fight seems like something Sarah could have addressed a lot sooner, but then we wouldn’t have seen her get Kevin (and Scotty and Justin) to turn Paige’s electricity-from-citrus project in to something disco fabulous. Kevin was not impressed by the one little light Paige was going to power, so he wanted enough amps for a radio and a dancing hamster (“Make the judges laugh”). Justin, unable to find the dancing hamster, bought a “butch” robot. All was well with the project, now involving half an orchard of fruit, until Kevin saw a kid’s earthquake simulator. (Kevin’s cross-examination of that kid, whose architect father he was certain had done most of the work, was another episode highlight.) Kevin tried to add more juice to Paige’s project and ended up knocking the fruit over. He apologized to Paige and explained that it was really about him trying to prove that HE wasn’t still the dork who got teased for performing a Grease medley, including Sandy’s numbers, in his sixth grade talent show. (“And you don’t think anyone knew you were gay?” Paige asked. Okaaay, you can stay, girl.) Sarah got help putting Paige’s project back to its original, simpler form from a divorced dad who — if you haven’t seen the actor play a stalker ex on FX’s Sons of Anarchy — probably came off as a really sweet guy. We’ll see when they continue to bond next episode. Paige let her little light shine and won honorable mention; she and Sarah made up.

The science fair also proved educational for Justin, whose med school adviser recommended that he drop out because even if he managed to get off academic probation and graduate, he may never pass the boards and get to practice. Rebecca spotted an exhibit on sensory integration that she really wanted Justin to see. Finally, he did, and realized that he should be tested because maybe, like the kid who won the science fair, he knows what he wants to say, but when he goes to write it down on a test, his brain gets it all confused. That could explain why even when he studies so hard and thinks he aced a test, he fails. Interesting. Not a condition you see explored on TV very often. I’d like to know more… and then wrap up the “Justin is failing out” story line stat.

Finally, we get to Holly, who had her best scene in ages when she tearfully resigned herself to having to put the Walker family first again, ahead of her business and herself. Saul came to her and asked her to drop the investigation into the Coastal Reserve spill because Ryan, who’s resigned from Ojai, gave Kitty her lifesaving bone marrow transplant. If there are no charges filed, they won’t get reimbursed for their loss. Holly saw she couldn’t win, and said fine. But, she set up a meeting with Dennis York and asked him to raise his buyout price from the already-overpriced 250-a-share to 400. Say what you want about Holly, but she’s a smart lady: When David tried to get her to take the deal, she said she was testing York. There must be a reason, after all these years, he chose NOW to try to get control of Ojai. What does he know about the company (or the land?) that she doesn’t? Good question. Any guesses?

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite line or exchange? (Sarah: “Have you ever argued with a tween?” Scotty: “I have, I live with him.” Kevin: “Says the Miley fan.” HA!) And do you think Kitty, who’s now in remission, is really going to run for office? It won’t be for governor, right? As upset as Robert looked, it might be…

Photo credit: Ron Tom/ABC

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