Hear that? It’s the sound of wedding bells ringing on Bones.

Executive producer Stephen Nathan confirms that two of the show’s characters will tie the knot later this season. “There will be a wedding,” he tells me. “But I can’t really say who or what the circumstances are.”

In possibly related news, Nathan reveals that Booth and Brennan’s relationship will take a radical turn following the show’s flashback-themed 100th episode on April 8. “After the 100th episode, they will reassess and reexamine their relationship,” he reveals. “They’re going to be going off on a different trajectory than we have been seeing this season.

“For most of this season we’ve seen Booth struggling with his feelings for Brennan,” Nathan elaborates. “And I think after the 100th, they might be a bit more resolved. We’ll start off in a new direction for both of them.”

Might that new direction involve the pair consummating their relationship for real? “I can’t see that happening this season,” he says. “I think their relationship is going to take a far more interesting turn. I think it’ll be much more interesting than just consummating the relationship. It’ll stir everyone up a lot more.”

What could possibly stir fans up more than real, honest-to-goodness lovemaking? Also, which couple do you think will walk down the aisle? Post your theories in the comments section!