What would a humble fan have to do to earn a mention on Lady Gaga’s official Twitter account? Try re-creating one of her freaky videos shot-by-shot. Hey, it worked when a few friends named Britnee, Ian, Nikki, and Kayla (a.k.a. BINKproductionz) took on Gaga’s “Bad Romance” for a YouTube parody they called “Badder Romance.”

Sure, the BINK buddies don’t have anything close to Gaga’s wardrobe budget or lip-syncing skills. But who needs those when you have this much enthusiasm for the source material? Their handiwork elicited a “holy s—“ from Gaga herself, who posted a link to the YouTube clip on Twitter last night. Check out “Badder Romance” below (NSFW language in the blooper reel that follows the video) and let us know how you think it compares to Lady Gaga’s original.

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