Greetings from the first day of Winter Press Tour, where CBS president Nina Tassler just tossed a few scoopbits our way during the network’s exec session. Here are the highlights…

* There are 18 episodes of Flashpoint in the can that “will make it to air at some point.”

* Charlie Sheen’s personal drama has had no impact on Two and a Half Men. Read Lynette Rice’s in-depth exec session recap for more on that.

* Three Rivers is officially canceled. “We all know that when something is ‘on hiatus’ it’s code for something else,” Tassler cracked.

* Regarding CSI‘s Laurence Fishburne problem, Tassler says viewers finally seem to be embracing his character. “He has assimilated more into the ensemble,” she said. “Audiences have found that as he is more comfortable with the team, the team is more comfortable with him.” She adds that audience research is showing that viewers now feel “he has arrived, he is settled, and he is part of the team.” Upcoming episodes will feature “more irreverence and more of the iconic stories that we have done in the past.”

* Numb3rs is “absolutely still in consideration” for renewal next season. The show’s order was cut this season simply to make way for new midseason drama Miami Medical.

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