Some highlights from Showtime’s portion of press tour…

* The network screened a trailer for Laura Linney’s upcoming cancer dramedy The Big C, premiering later this summer. Looks solid. Linney’s a shoo-in for an Emmy nod.

* We were also treated to a cheeky clip of Matt LeBlanc faux-auditioning for the role of Matt LeBlanc in the new comedy, Episodes. The takeaway: During his five years out of the spotlight, Joey morphed into a silver fox!

* The network has picked up the period drama The Borgias, a follow-up to The Tudors starring Jeremy Irons to air in Spring 2011.

* Nurse Jackie exec producer Linda Wallem said Haaz Sleiman’s Mo-Mo was written out because, as the series evolved, “O’Hara took over the best friend role.” Jackie can’t have two best friends?! Grrrr. Interesting factoid: Edie Falco has never seen a single episode of House. She also would never be friends with someone like Jackie. “I wouldn’t go anywhere near her.”

* The second season of United States of Tara will be “a little more raunchy,” confirmed the show’s leading lady (and recent Emmy winner) Toni Collette. Series creator Diablo Cody also revealed that Tara’s alters will be “a little more realistic and fluid.” Among Cody’s season 1 regrets (or “necessary evils”) was “alters in regimented clothing.” Lastly, Tara’s newest personality, Shoshanna, will debut in episode 4 and serve as a “mentor of sorts” to the family.

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