The Hangover is officially now the top-selling comedy on DVD of all time. More than 8.6 million units have been sold on DVD since its Dec. 15 launch, including 1.5 million on Blu-Ray, which will likely mean 9.5 million DVDs sold in six months. So, that leads me to two assumptions:

1) I can now happily marry Bradley Cooper for his money, not just his looks

2) The Hangover is so funny that seeing it once in the theater wasn’t enough for most fans, they needed to own it.

So my question for you, PopWatchers, is what is the funniest scene in this funny film? What is the scene you knew you had to own on DVD? Is it (spoiler alert) the entire surreal waking-up scene (see below), or the wolf pack speech, or the valet bringing up the cop car, or Mike Tyson’s first scene on screen, or…