5 badass things the former ''Battlestar Galactica'' and new ''24'' actress has done in her life

1. Moving to California by myself when I was 18
I filled up my U-Haul the day after I graduated from high school and left.

2. Dislocating my knee when I was doing a stunt on Bionic Woman
I was diving off the roof — I was harnessed, but I overshot the mat. I took a Vicodin, we popped it back in, and I kept working.

3. Getting my motorcycle license
You just go to a course for two days, which I think is insane. The day of the 2006 Emmys, I crashed the bike. Granted, I was probably going 10 mph, but I’m sliding down the road and I’m screaming, ”My face! My face!” The instructor said, ”That was the most graceful fall I’ve ever seen.”

4. Driving myself to the hospital after getting a concussion while snowboarding
My mom’s on the phone keeping me awake, and the last thing I remember saying was ”Oh, Mom, there’s a blue H,” obviously a hospital sign. The next thing I remember is waking up with my mom standing over me.

5. Surviving thyroid cancer last year
I had heard all these horror stories about removing thyroids, like ”Omigod, I gained 20 pounds!” And I had to be in my bra and underwear for a pilot I was shooting. So I was in the gym five days after my thyroid surgery, with a big patch on my neck and blood dripping down. I’m totally fine now.