Michael Cera's ''Youth in Revolt'' costar on working with comedians and fearing Ray Liotta

Before she was cast as Michael Cera’s love interest in Youth in Revolt, Portia Doubleday’s only other feature-film experience was in the 1997 D-grade horror flick Legend of the Mummy. Now the 21-year-old actress has traded her shambling, bandaged costar for the likes of Cera, Steve Buscemi, Justin Long, and Zach Galifianakis. ”It just hit me when I saw these people walking around,” she recalls. ”I was just in school a couple days ago, and now I’m here. Definitely surreal.” And on a set packed to the gunwales with comedic talent, it was sometimes difficult to keep a straight face. ”It’s hard working with such funny people because they don’t laugh at what they do. So if you laugh, you ruin their take.”

But even though Doubleday had the opportunity to hang out off set with many of her famous castmates (”Game night with a bunch of comedians? You can imagine!”), there was one star she was too intimidated to approach. ”I never actually met Ray Liotta,” Doubleday admits, laughing. ”I wanted to, but he’s so scary in his movies. I guess I’ll get to meet him at the premiere.”

Youth in Revolt
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