Jersey Shore Family Vacation CR: MTV

10. Nomenclature: Snooki vs. The Grenade and her friend, Hippo

9. Snooki on the After Show: “Like, there’s no way I’m gonna be on the show without teeth” (re: getting punched in the face) and “Like, obviously, there were the ’60s or whatever” (when asked if she’d invented the Poof hairstyle)

8. GTL, baby: Gym, tanning, laundry (The Situation)

7. Any time Sammi Sweetheart holds her extensions in her hand in the kitchen after a long night out

6. “She’s a female, bro!” (Ronnie during the boardwalk assault on him and Sammi)

5. When Snooki’s Poof split into two separate but equally potent orbs after she fought The Grenade and Hippo while wearing pink furry slippers

4. The Grenade’s last words in Snooki’s direction: “I’ll rock your world.”

3. “I hope it’s enough [food].” (Vinny’s mom, who brought four Trays including DELICIOUS-LOOKING ZITI. I’m so hungry.)

2. Everyone’s use of the verb “to creep” in an effort to describe one who goes back out to a bar lookin’ for girls (Snookin’ for love?)

1. The ultimate insult: “You don’t even look Italian.” (Sammi)

Not funny: Near-total lack of JWoww! It’s okay; looks like she’ll get a Very Special Episode next Thursday. What unintentional(?) hilarity did I miss? If you have a blowout, you’re tan, juiced, and Italian, let me know in the comments below. If not, in the immortal words of Snooki, you can kindly “lick my ass.”

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation CR: MTV
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