Last night on The Jay Leno Show, the host once again addressed rumors that he was being “fired” by NBC.

Speaking in a tone of mock-outrage, Leno joked, “That means I didn’t sleep with my staff for nothing!”

Pow! With one shot, Leno dragged David Letterman’s problems into this latest version of the late-night wars.

Then, referring to a possible shuffling of Leno into the 11:35 p.m. time slot now occupied by Conan O’Brien, the host added that NBC has devised a plan in which “all parties will be screwed equally.”

Leno also showed a postage stamp with his image on it, saying its release was imminent. Unfortunately, he said, “it gets cancelled after four months!”

UPDATE on The Great Late-Night Self-Referential Controversy:

Conan did a very funny summation of the rumors swirling of possible changes in late night with this list, that includes, “The Tonight Show will be an iPhone app and the Jay Leno show will become an Xbox game.” Check it out:

Jimmy Kimmel also weighed in last night, saying that “Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien are moving in together. ” Kimmel took questions on the subject from the audience (with a little help from Carson Daly):

Kimmel also illustrated the new carving-up of the late-night pie by bringing out a pumpkin pie, cutting it to suggest audience segments for the hosts… and then eating the pie.

And Jimmy Fallon sent out a “thank you note” to NBC for “announcing that Jay Leno will be moving back to 11:30… It’ll be interesting to see how [my show] does up against the ‘perfect push-up’ infomercial.”

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