Idolatry is canceled! Or it might as well be, now that our humble Internet show has finally snagged its most coveted guest: International Ambassador of Soul and American Idol season 3 champ Fantasia Barrino. Okay, yeah, I’m getting all hyperbole crazy up in here (and in the interview, where I “accidentally” blurt out something about ‘Tasia being “possibly one of the greatest singers of all time”), but if you think I’m exaggerating, then try clicking here, here, and here. (Oh, and also here.) When you’re done with Fantasia YouTube Studies 101, press play below to see my four-part interview with the soft-spoken songbird, who was in New York City this week to promote her new VH1 reality series Fantasia for Real. In our freewheeling chat, Fantasia talks about how it feels to air her family drama on national television, what it’s like to perform live at the Tony Awards, and who is responsible for creating a monster in her home. Oh, and if that’s not enough for you, come back to on Jan. 15 for the fourth season premiere of Idolatry; we’ve saved all our footage of Miss Barrino talking about her music — from paying tribute to Patti LaBelle (with an assist from the Holy Ghost) to shocking Simon Cowell to indulging in folk-music (!) fantasies. All that, plus my fabulous cohost Kristen (sans glasses) Baldwin joining me to dissect the first week of Idol‘s spankin’-new ninth season! Hang on to your blunders, Kara, it’s gonna be a bumpy year!