The controversial new Warren Beatty biography -- The Oscar winner disputes the sensational allegations in Peter Biskind's ''Star''

Hollywood legend Warren Beatty’s last big-screen appearance was in the 2001 dud Town & Country. But the 72-year-old Oscar winner is playing the lead role in a new drama off screen, tangling with film historian Peter Biskind over some sensational allegations in the new biography Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America (check out EW’s review here). Although Beatty was interviewed for the project by Biskind, the actor’s lawyer released a harsh statement on Jan. 3, saying the book ”contains many false assertions and purportedly quotes Mr. Beatty as saying things he never said.” (Beatty did not return calls for further comment.) So what part of the book could be bugging the actor-writer-director? Take your pick: Biskind describes the star as a narcissist and control freak whose constant clashes with costars like Garry Shandling and Katharine Hepburn contributed to three notorious box office flops (1987’s Ishtar, 1994’s Love Affair, and the aforementioned Town & Country). And then, of course, there are the women. Beatty bedded at least 12,775 of them, by Biskind’s estimate, including Natalie Wood, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, and Madonna (see chart below). The actor also allegedly hit on an underage Carrie Fisher on the set of Shampoo (1975) and tried to arrange a three-way with then girlfriend Isabelle Adjani and Fran Drescher (yup, the Nanny) during Ishtar. To Annette Bening, Beatty’s wife of nearly 18 years: We salute you.
With additional reporting by Keith Staskiewicz

With an alleged 12,775 lovers, Beatty joins this elite group of male celebs*

Kevin Jonas: 1
Kenny Chesney: 100
Gene Simmons: 4,600
Charlie Sheen: 5,000
Warren Beatty: 12,775
Wilt Chamberlain: 20,000

*All numbers previously reported