It might not have any big name stars or a built-in franchise fanbase, but the upcoming comedy She’s Out of My League (out March 12) has one of those catchy, super-simple premises that marketing dreams are made of: What if a 5 started dating a 10? In this case, the 5 is Kirk (Jay Baruchel), a nebbishy airport security guard, and the 10 is Molly (Brit hottie Alice Eve) a blond bombshell. He finds her phone; she finds him oddly endearing; mismatched romantic mayhem ensues.

Keeping with the pic’s theme — and its morally questionable website, which asks you to calculate your own hotness based on factors like “muffin top” (-2) and “no underwear” (+3) –, we figure it’s only fair to crunch the numbers for the movie’s just-leaked trailer (see below).

No A-list stars (-1)

Super sidekick Krysten Ritter (+4)

Inevitable comparisons to Knocked Up (-1)

Attempt at coining the term “moodle” (-1)

Use of Weezer’s “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” (+2)

Random polar bear cameo (+2)

So overall, we’ll give it a 5, like Kirk. But that’s not to say the movie itself won’t snag a 10 this March. Your turn, PopWatchers: How would you rate the trailer?