Might the State of the Union address bump Lost‘s season premiere? That’s the fear coursing through the veins of every Lostie today. President Obama hasn’t set a date yet for the address, which typically occurs the last week of January. (Since 2000, only one SotU has been in February.) According to the Washington Post, though, “Conventional wisdom around the TV industry is that the White House is buying time in hopes of having a health-care reform package done before the speech.” It’s crappy enough that the U.S. has the 45th-worst infant mortality rate and health care costs have skyrocketed — now I might have to wait for Lost, too? Jeez Louise.

An ABC rep says as of right now, Lost‘s premiere is still set for Groundhog Day.

Look, I know that the State of the Union is more important than a TV show, even a great TV show, even one going into its epic final season. I know! But…let’s just say I’m hoping for health care reform to pass even more now than I already was.

PopWatchers, are you tweeting up a storm with #NoStateofUnionFeb2?

Image credit: Obama: Soren McCarty/; Lost: Mario Perez/ABC