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The opera that Swedish synthpop duo the Knife helped to write last year is finally getting an official release—so those of us who didn’t have the jack to fly to Copenhagen last fall can hear what we missed.

But if you require immediate gratification, a ten-minute sample of Tomorrow, In a Year is now available online. What does it sound like? Well, it’s about as kooky and cool and you would hope—after all, this is an opera inspired by Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species with music composed by everyone’s favorite oddball Swedish brother-sister band.

The leaked track—“Colouring of Pigeons,” done in collaboration with Mt. Sims and the informatively-named Planningtorock—begins with same stop-start operatic vocal bursts that kick off Einstein on the Beach, the Philip Glass masterwork which also merged opera and electronic music. Listen to it here:

“Colouring of Pigeons” enters familiar territory at the three-minute mark when Karin Dreijer Andersson’s eerily expressive voice emerges from the electro-haze. Sure, there are some strings thrown in, but the next few minutes could easily be a Silent Shout outtake.

The last half of this song is where things really get fascinating—the tune melds soaring, bel canto vocals with the group’s tribal rhythms and hypnotic, droning synths. It’s where indie weirdness meets classical beauty before the whole thing ends with a reverberating violin freak-out.

Arriving on March 1, according to their site, this two-disc set will be the first Knife-related release since Karin’s brilliant solo turn as Fever Ray in early 2009. What do you think of this song? Will two discs of weirdo opera be too much, or is this the perfect marriage of classical and cool imaginable?

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