If you want an idea of what filmmakers have to go through to promote their movies these days, you should look no further than director Jason Reitman’s ongoing chronicle of his whirlwind international press tour for Up in the Air. His latest volley is this adorably fast-paced mini-doc, which is pretty self-explanatory. Let’s discuss after you watch:

My immediate thoughts: So Reitman buys a ticket to every single screening of Up in the Air he’s seen? Did anyone else cringe with recognition of the infamous Captain EO‘d O’Hare Airport terminal tunnel? Did you catch Jimmy Fallon, Charlie Rose, and Roger Ebert? And if you’re wondering what it’s like to go through some 300 interviews about the exact same movie, after the jump, take a look at Reitman’s pie-chart, dated Nov. 22, 2009, of the top ten questions he’s been asked about the movie.

Personally, I would’ve thought the frequent flier miles question would’ve been far more popular. You?