Gene Simmons
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Even if you were one of the 8.5 million people who enjoyed watching Wednesday night’s second episode of CBS’ I Get That a Lot (a first episode aired in April 2009), you cannot possibly deny that its premise flopped…badly. The problem is that the celebs who agreed to pretend they worked normal-person jobs (Gene Simmons, pictured, as psychic guru, Mario Lopez as hot dog vendor, Snoop Dogg as parking lot attendant) were so obviously…well, themselves, that it was basically an hour of civilians stating “You are Heidi Klum” and then getting told they were wrong. One woman, led to believe that the lady pretending to fill in for her dry-cleaner was not Rachael Ray, told the camera, “I could tell it was her because of the way she moves her hands. I watch her show, so I knew it was her.” YES BECAUSE IT WAS HER. I couldn’t handle too much after that. The “big reveals” were such non-events that I almost think it would be better if the celebrities who did this were less famous — at least there’d be an element of suspense as to whether the guy squeegeeing the dashboard actually was Steve from Full House (and whether people would recognize him even AFTER his identity was revealed).

To be fair, I did love the Jessica Simpson segment because none of those people cared it was her; they just wanted their freaking computers fixed and she was incompetent.

Did any of you watch this? Which celebs do you want to see performing menial labor in a future episode?

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS