Surprise, surprise. Two of our lower-seeded contestants are now battling for the TOP CROWN of our Guilty Pleasures Reality TV Showdown. (See the revised bracket here.)

It’s Say Yes to the Dress vs. Wipeout. Two wildly different shows that give you guilt-inducing pleasure.

The gang from Kleinfeld’s and the big red balls have beaten out such reality TV staples as The Real Housewives, The Hills, Rock of Love, and Temptation Island to make it to the final two.

When deciding on your vote, remember our criteria for the competition: “Shows that we knew were a certain level of bad, but that we genuinely enjoyed watching.”

Need some reminding of their genius?

Say Yes to the Dress

Voting is open until 5 pm ET Sunday. And come back Monday when the winner will be revealed in all its guilty pleasure glory!

Photo Credit: Wipeout: Adam Larkey/ABC; Say Yes to the Dress: TLC