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Ratings shmatings. Greg Grunberg says Heroes will be back next fall for a fifth season — and he’s got proof. “We wrapped yesterday and the [final episode] is nowhere near a series finale,” he told us at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. “It is cliffhanger-y and exciting, but it is nowhere near an end to a series that people are so invested in. It does not tie everything up in a neat bow… I don’t have any doubt that the show will be back.”

Grunberg cites Heroes‘ strong DVD sales and international success as two reasons the show will go on. “We will wrap it up properly in the next season and get to 100 episodes,” he maintains. “At least that’s what I would like to see happen. They take so much care in writing the show that I would hope we get the chance to end it right.

Lost announced an end [date] and I think that helped both the people working on the show and the people watching it,” he continues. “They see the finish line and I think it gives them something tangible to invest in and be excited about. It’s like it’s a movie and they want to see the end of it. That’s what I hope happens with our show.”

Speaking of Lost, Grunberg confirms that his ill-fated Oceanic pilot will play a role in the show’s Feb. 2 season premiere. What’s the context? “Well, with [Lost], they go back and forth in time so you have no idea when and where the last season will take place,” he says. “I may get eaten all over again!” (Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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