(First, the offended among you will need to forgive the implication that you watch America’s Got Talent WITH the Hoff.) Former Baywatch star and cheeseburger enthusiast David Hasselhoff announced yesterday he’ll be leaving the NBC reality series after four years, “to do my own TV show, which will be announced very shortly.” No further word on that from Hoff’s camp yet, but for now, tell us: Will the Hoff’s departure make you more or less likely to tune in for AGT next summer? And who would need to replace him in the right-hand seat to lure you in (NBC and Freemantle Media did not return calls asking about replacement)? Is this a Paula Abdul opportunity? Something’s gotta be, right? Maybe? I don’t really get that whole Paula needs to JUDGE something phenomenon, but her name’s come up, anyway. What do you think? Oh, and who wants to help me campaign for a Hoff-led show called America’s Next Top Retired Lifeguard?

Image credit: Mitch Haaseth/NBC

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