Who watched the History Channel’s Apocalypse Man? A survivalist’s dream-show starring armed-forces vet and martial-artist Rudy Reyes, Apocalypse proved to be an utterly fascinating, documentary dramatization about how to survive a massive cataclysmic event.

And now I know how to remove a manhole cover without getting a hernia, and almost know how to hot-wire a car engine, something years of watching TV and movie crime stories failed to fully impart.

Maneuvering in an abandoned-looking city and toting a backpack, Reyes showed us how to gain access into hospitals (where independent generators can be jump-started in areas in which electricity has been knocked out, the host asserted) and libraries (Reyes said that after Hurricane Katrina, libraries were some of the few places that weren’t broken into, and yet which contained valuable information such as city maps… that is, if, in this internet age, you’ve learned the Dewey Decimal System, kids!).

There is, of course, a certain amount of exploitation of fear in shows such as this, and much of Reyes’ narration began with the phrase, “After 9/11…” But Apocalypse Man was completely enthralling for its swift editing combined with tips on how to acquire food, fresh water, and shelter.

Airing as part of the History Channel’s “Apocalypse Week,” Apocalypse Man will be rerun on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out listings on

Did you watch Apocalypse Man? What did you think?