Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr., ...
Credit: Alex Bailey

There are many things Robert Downey Jr. can be: the love interest of a neurotic lawyer, a cocky superhero, and even an American playing an Australian playing an African-American. And with his latest role as England’s greatest detective Sherlock Holmes, he convinces us that he can play British, too. He’s a chameleon, that RDJ!

To fully transform into the super sleuth, Downey Jr. was outfitted in custom-made pieces by Cosprop, a London costume house that made and supplied most of the film’s wardrobe. That unfortunately means that you can’t get a hold of RDJ’s exact black corduroy coat, but with some similar styles, you can still get your Sherlock on.

RDJ’s black coat was custom-made to fit the look of the late 1800s, so it’s not surprising that long corduroy coats aren’t easy to come by. For a modern spin on the long coat, try John Varvatos’ toggle corduroy coat (; $353). If you’re looking for a more stream-lined fit, try Ralph Lauren’s heritage corduroy sport coat, on sale for $160 (

Jude Law’s Watson also got the perk of a specially made wardrobe, which included a square bowler hat made by Pieroni in Rome and a Harris tweed three-piece suit made by Cosprop. For a similar look, top off your own three-piece with a Stacy Adams derby bowler hat (; $70).

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Photo: Alex Bailey