Saturday Night Live - Season 42

I’m in love with these promos and the idea of Charles Barkley, who is not a role model despite appearing in thousands of T-Mobile commercials, getting to host the first Saturday Night Live of the decade. Or of the year, I guess, if you’re one of THOSE PEOPLE. Every time Barkley guests on a talk show (like when he brought laughter to The Jay Leno Show in November) is a win. Any of Barkley’s TV appearances counts as the NBA championship ring he never won. Ha, not really! Sidenote: Did any other 1990s Chicago Bulls fans ever “feel bad” for Chas when the Bulls kept winning and he was trying so hard? Mike Bruno and I are sitting here all choked up about it. Press play below.

That was a nice touch with Barkley calling Jason Sudeikis’ finger-spin useless. He is all about the fundamentals. I wonder what the SNL cast would need to do to get into Barkley’s Fave 5? Actually, never mind, Penelope has just confirmed to EW that she was in his Fave 4 five years ago, so…[hair-twirl]. Anyone else gambling on the Sir Charles episode paying off for SNL?

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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