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Question: How about kicking off the New Year with a House scoop? —Christopher

Ausiello: I’m hearing something about a marriage proposal coming in the second half of the season. Also, remember House’s loony bin lay, Lydia? There’s buzz she may get a shout-out in the upcoming episode directed by Hugh Laurie. Let’s hope Cuddy isn’t within earshot!

Question: When Glee returns in April, will the storylines continue as if no time had elapsed, or will it be four months later? —Jenn

Ausiello: It’s not really specified. But football season is over, so you do the math (and get back to me with the results).

Question: I love the idea of Kevin Alejandro as Lafayette’s BF on True Blood. What else do you know about his character, Jesus? —Kevin

Ausiello: I know what Alan Ball just told me. “Lafayette, for all his fierceness, has built a big wall around his heart and is not particularly inclined to be emotionally vulnerable. Jesus is going to try his best to knock that wall down. But there is a bigger and more dangerous reason Jesus is drawn to Bon Temps, one that will be revealed over time.”

Question: Thanks for the spoilery tidbits on episodes 1, 2, and 3 of Chuck, but what about 4 and 5? —Daryl

Ausiello: I’m getting to that right now!

Episode 4 (Jan. 18 @ 8 p.m. ET)

* Fight Club homage!

* Someone is promoted

* Memorable quote: “Babe, I decapitated the bear.”

* Someone is fired

* A spy is shot

* Shockingly, there’s not a Subway 6-inch in sight.

Episode 5 (Jan. 25 @ 8 p.m. ET)

* Chuck’s first solo mission involves a scary bald man and Kristin Kreuk!

* Major Buy More drama: Someone gets drugged!

* A diamond holds the key to Shaw’s (Brandon Routh) backstory.

* Paris twist!

* Shockingly, there’s not a Subway 6-inch in sight.

Question: Can I have a Jenny/Gossip Girl scoop? —Rafaela

Ausiello: Everyone’s least-favorite Queen Bee gets a new job: drug mule for boyfriend Damien. Talk about a step up! Congrats to Jenny!

Question: I need a Chuck and Blair spoiler from Gossip Girl, please. —Amanda

Ausiello: Chuck will be accused of sexual harassment. Also, look for Chuck’s mommy issues and Serena’s daddy issues to intersect.

Question: Do me a favor and track down some Cold Case scoop. —Barbara

Ausiello: Okay, but you owe me one, Barbara (and don’t think I won’t collect). In one of next month’s episodes, the crew attends the wedding of a work acquaintance, and, upon learning that the bride’s last fiance was found dead only hours after dumping her, turns the event into their own personal game of Clue. Not enough for ya? The guest cast includes the former Mrs. Macaulay Culkin, Rachel Miner (Californication), as the wannabe wife, onetime Damages stiff Noah Bean as the ill-fated ex, and the erstwhile Krod Mandoon, Sean Maguire, as the deceased’s best bud.

Question: How about some Office news? —Kit

Ausiello: Dwight is going to be pissed when he hears this: The entire cast and crew of The Office will be taking orders from John Krasinski later this month when he directs his first episode of the NBC comedy. By all accounts, the transition should be a smooth one. Krasinski directed the independent film Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, an adaptation of late writer David Foster Wallace’s short story collection. But still, Dwight’s gonna be pissed.

Question: I’ve seen a couple of articles and commercials that call Life Unexpected “the next Gilmore Girls.” Have you seen it? Is it worth such lofty comparison? —Janice

Ausiello: It’s not on the same level as Gilmore, but it’s an enjoyable little show featuring some great performances. Brittany Robertson, who plays the lead ingenue (a.k.a. the Rory of the story), is pretty extraordinary. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Question: Leverage scoop, please! —Daniel

Ausiello: When the series returns next Wednesday, our company of convivial cons infiltrate Fashion Week, and Tara, the team’s latest addition, finds that she has some pretty big $1100 shoes to fill. Can they trust her, or will she turn out to be just another shifty grifter? Plus, Nate will have to impersonate a flamboyant German designer, natürlich. The following week, the recently on-the-wagon Nate pulls a job against a few Irish heavies in the same Boston pub he grew up in, and he is forced to choose between his cover and his sobriety. As they say, you can lead a con to whiskey but you can’t make him drink.

Question: Three letters: SVU! —Laura

Ausiello: It’s not as headline-grabby as, say, Sharon Stone, but three-time Oscar nominee Debra Winger is guest-starring in the Jan. 29 episode as an inner-city school principal who tries to cover for some of her students who are being accused of murder.

Question: I heart Friday Night Lights just like you do! Can you please tell me when it will air on NBC? —Phoenix

Ausiello: NBC is still saying sometime in the spring or early summer. I wish I had better news. Oh, wait, I do — look what the mailman brought me on Monday!

Question: You reported that Daniel Eric Gold, who plays Matt on Ugly Betty, is going to leave the show soon. But why? —Maria

Ausiello: Betty boss Silvio Horta tells me the Betty/Matt romance had run its course. “At a certain point it becomes difficult to go further unless we start [imposing] complications that are phony and forced,” he says. “It’s always difficult to show a relationship that is working out really well; there’s no drama or conflict there. We made a mistake with Henry by trying to keep him a part of the show for multiple seasons. As a result, we created all of these dilemmas and obstacles in their relationship that ultimately did not endear him to the audience. And maybe part of it was our fault. Maybe the obstacles we created weren’t great.” Horta is quick to point out that like many of Betty’s ex-loves, Matt will likely return at some point. “I don’t think it’s the last time we’ll see him,” he says.

Question: You’re too cute. Let’s be best friends. —Annie

Ausiello: I know a trap when I smell one.

Queston: I need a Smallville scoop. The most delicious one you can share. —Bryan

Ausiello: This one’s pretty yummy: Later this season, Clark takes Lois on a romantic getaway to a bed and breakfast. Tasty, right? Well, there’s more. Guess who’s also enjoying a quiet weekend away at the same B&B? Oliver and Chloe! Bon appétit!

Question: We need a Smallville spoiler. —Nelson

Ausiello: This one isn’t going to taste nearly as good as the last one. Rumor has it Clark will get infected with red kryptonite again.

Question: Got anything on the new season of United States of Tara? —Jennifer

Ausiello: It looks like Showtime is moving in on my spoiler turf. The network’s new promo for Tara‘s second season spoils what I thought was a major twist about the arrival of a new alter. See if you can spot it.

Question: I need some Psych dirt, ASAP. Are we going to see any Shawn/Juliet action this spring? –Hope

Ausiello: Sure sounds like it. “Shawn and Juliet will continue their long twisted journey toward each other’s arms,” says Psych creator Steve Franks. “The two will get very close, more than once this season, leading Shawn to make a big choice that will mean much more than will-they-or-wont-they.”

Question: I’m pissed that Mo-Mo isn’t returning to Nurse Jackie. Give me one reason why I should even bother watching season 2 now. —Jason

Ausiello: Because we’ll find out that a heterosexual character had a major same-sex relationship back in the day.

Question: Last Tuesday I went on the Warner Bros. Studio tour and the tour guide said that they have the script for the Veronica Mars movie and they’re shooting it this summer! He also said that the Gilmore Girls movie was definitely happening and they were both on a list they send around of movies that will be in production over the summer. —Julie

Ausiello: Before I launch an investigation, let me ask you: Did the tour guide look anything like this?

Question: Felicity Huffman needs to submit last week’s scenes for Emmy consideration. OMFG she was amazing, especially in the tween son’s kitchen scenes! Any Desperate Housewives scoop, like will Andrew ever pop back in? —Brock

Ausiello: Totally agree. Huffman knocked it out of the park. Her “what if” story was by far my favorite. As far as Andrew returning, I’m told there are no immediate plans.

Question: What does Kim Raver’s promotion to series regular on Grey’s Anatomy mean for Owen and Cristina? —Jasmine

Ausiello: More drama! Despite the emotional smackdown Owen dealt her in the last episode, “From Teddy’s point of view, it’s not over,” Raver tells me. “But what’s great about Teddy is she’s been in love with him when she was in Iraq and he was engaged and she never crossed that line; that’s who she is. Now he’s in love with Cristina, and Teddy has feelings towards Cristina by being her mentor. So that creates a lot of drama and comedy.” Further muddying up the unusual dynamic, an upcoming episode finds “Teddy giving Cristina this incredibly [difficult] surgery that she has to do on her own. What’s that about?”

Question: Now that Kim Raver is sticking around, when will we learn more about Teddy’s backstory? We know very little about her aside from her relationship with Owen. —Mark

Ausiello: There’s a scene coming up at Joe’s where Teddy gets plastered and spills her guts to Owen. “A lot is revealed in the bar to Owen,” teases Raver.

Question: When is Katherine Heigl returning to Grey’s Anatomy? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss Izzie. —Deb

Ausiello: I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news: She’s back on Jan. 21. The bad news: That episode was shot pre-maternity leave, which means she’ll disappear again for another stretch.

Question: Will ABC order the back-nine episodes of Scrubs? I’m loving the new direction, and I don’t want the show to end on an unresolved note in episode 13. —Rion

Ausiello: I’m afraid I’ve only got bad news here. No back-nine, and no closure in episode 13. “It’s just a routine episode,” says an insider of what could turn out to be the show’s series finale. “There’s no special moment or anything.”

Got any Supernatural scoopage? We’re dying out here! —Kristen

Ausiello: That’s just the segue I was looking for! An upcoming episode will be set in heaven — after Sam and Dean have been murdered!

That’s a wrap! Send questions/comments/anonymous tips to! And a heads-up: Winter press tour starts this weekend in Los Angeles, so stay close to the Ausiello Files and my Twitter feed for 24/7 scoops/spoilers from T-town! (Additional reporting by Keith Staskiewicz and Sandra Gonzalez)

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