It’s no secret that Law & Order: SVU loves guest stars with Oscar cred. In fact, when the show celebrated its 200th episode in 2008, we chatted with exec producers about 24 guests who’d either won an Academy Award or been nominated for one. So it’s not surprising that Sharon Stone (a nominee for Casino) has signed on for a four-episode arc as a former cop-turned prosecutor. But is it as crazy as it initially sounds?

Considering my first thought when I saw Stone onstage last month paying tribute to Robert De Niro at the Kennedy Center Honors was Oh, they needed another woman, you’d think I’d say yes. Haven’t all of Stone’s recent memorable performances been in that annual Cinema Against AIDS charity auction at the Cannes Film Festival? But SVU likes to give actors a chance to play roles they’re not normally offered; and, occasionally, actors do like to do something well-written that millions of people are actually going to see. Maybe with decent dialogue, we could be reminded how fierce Stone can be. She has the presence to be a formidable opponent to Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni, should that be what the role entails (fingers crossed). You can’t imagine her playing someone who wouldn’t win, which would keep things interesting.

Is Sharon Stone a “get” that you’ll tune in for?

Photo credit: Pixplanete/PR Photos