A new season of Discovery’s Man vs. Wild premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET, and Bear Grylls’ trip to Panama looks like quite the memorable episode. In two preview clips, we see Grylls give himself an enema — a last resort for hydration for those adrift on a raft in the Pacific (the colon absorbs fluids) — and eat a fish eye while shirtless (watch that one after the jump). I have room on my DVR to tape this and Modern Family and Cougar Town, but in case you don’t, Man vs. Wild repeats at midnight.

This season, Grylls will also travel to China, Montana, Guatemala and Poland. He’ll climb a 200-foot waterfall, get bitten by aggressive weaver ants, encounter a deadly Green Pit viper snake, and land on an active volcano, according to the press release. I’m in. You?

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