Doc Jensen on the time until the premiere, which reminds him of zombies and...something completely different
28 DAYS ...AND COUNTING Are the castaways essentially the walking dead? Or is this the theory that ate Doc Jensen's brain?
Credit: Lost: ABC; 28 Days Later: Peter Mountain

It’s exactly four weeks until the season premiere of Lost. Four weeks = 28 days, which reminds me of 28 Days Later, the zombie classic directed by Danny Boyle, which reminds me how Damon and Carlton have long liked to joke about giving us a ”zombie season” during the show’s seventh year. (In case you missed this, Lost is closing shop after its sixth year.) But think about it: Zombies are dead people brought back to life by supernatural power, albeit in a rather monstrous state. That actually sounds like season 6 of Lost to me! After all, when we last left the time-traveling castaways, they were all about to die, but banking on quantum magic to bring them all back to life, albeit in less-than-whole form, i.e. minus the castaway experience. Meanwhile, in the Island present, we learned that the allegedly villainous shape-shifting Man In Black had assumed the guise of John Locke, which is totally ”castaway” + ”monstrous state.” See? It all adds up! My logic is hermetically tight…

Oh, waitasec. Zombie Bertrand Russell just kicked down my door and notified me that my logic is not hermetically tight. Then he ate my brain. Waitasec: I’m just KIDDING! Seriously! Whew, right?

My favorite pop culture zombie. He’s the pasty white one who yearns for a wardrobe upgrade.

And with that, we stop. But I think there’s more to say about the Lost ”Last Supper” — and I’ll be sharing those thoughts throughout the week on Twitter: @EWDocJensen. You can also share your own observations (or blast me for my Biblical exegesis) in the message boards below, or at Next week: back to that regularly scheduled column, plus some other goodies.

Happy New Year,

Doc Jensen

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