Lenny Kravitz has just released a video statement confirming that the leaked track “Another Day” is indeed a collaboration between himself and Michael Jackson. “The version that’s out is…not mixed, but it is the track,” says the singer in the video. “The song was recorded by Michael and myself. I produced it for him, I wrote the song, and I played all the instruments on the track. It was one of the most amazing musical experiences that I’ve ever had. It was done by two people who had respect for each other and who loved music.” Kravitz also says he has no knowledge as to the identity of the DJ who can be heard on the song.

A portion of “Another Day” leaked to the net over the weekend, and it was widely reported that the track was a collaboration between Jackson and Kravitz. Following Jackson’s death, Kravitz told an interviewer that he “got to work with Michael on a track that has not been released.”

So what happens to the song now? TMZ is reporting the track was “never meant to see the light of day” and that Jackson’s label Sony wants to have the song pulled from the Internet. In Kravitz’s video statement, meanwhile, the rocker says that he would “like to see this thing straightened out as soon as possible” so that fans can “hear the track in its entirety, the way it was meant to be.” You can see the video in full below.

What do you think of Kravitz’s statement and of “Another Day” itself? Is it deserving of a proper release?

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Photo credit: Jackson: Kevin Mazur; Kravitz: Radim Rotek/PR Photos