Now that the ball has dropped, you know what that means: Time to start acting on those New Year’s resolutions! (Hear that? That’s the collective grumble of 304 million Americans.)

And since most of us have spent much of the holiday season downing eggnog, alcoholic beverages, and waaay too many sweet treats (Guilty as charged!), methinks we’ll be spending the better part of early 2010 in our local gyms, trying to follow through on our inevitable weight-loss resolutions.

This year, I started my resolution somewhat early, joining a gym about a month ago. And I’m not gonna lie: One of the determining factors leading me to join said gym was the fact that each treadmill had its own individual television set. (All I would need is a freezer containing pints of Ben & Jerry’s attached to the treadmill and — well, I guess I’d be reversing my goals, huh?)

But then I started thinking: We all have our workout playlists on our iPods. But which television shows are best to watch at the gym? What show would motivate me to run as much as a Black Eyed Peas album?

So far, I’ve found that Jeopardy! works best for me, since the mental energy I exert trying answer the rapid-fire questions distracts me from thinking about the pure hatred I have for exercising. (Celebrity Jeopardy! is an even better option, as the confused rage you feel towards Joshua Malina, who did not know who wrote The Tales of Beedle the Bard(!), will only increase your adrenaline and encourage you to work harder.) And then there’s The Biggest Loser, which is best watched either sitting on your couch eating Chinese food, or at the gym on the treadmill. My dear editor, Kate Stroup, however, opts to exercise to Paula Deen, since, “I feel guilty just SEEING all the butter, so it motivates me to work out harder.”

How about you, PopWatchers? Tell me, what’s the best television show to watch at the gym?