I say hilarious. I’m really cool, so I just switched over from the Twilight Zone marathon on Ugh “Syfy” to catch the rerun of the Andy ‘n’ Kathy Colorblock Golf Umbrella New Year’s Spectacular on CNN. It’s true that Kathy never let “Andy” get a word in edgewise (a trend dutifully noted by the Twitter community like four minutes before the ball dropped…nice), but honestly, she was cracking his s— up the whole time, particularly when she dropped the f-bomb just like last year during a discussion of stupid Balloon Boy’s dad. I mean, yeah, I’m a little drunk, but I don’t think he was faking it. Sometimes watching someone (ESPECIALLY ANDY) suffer from a 90-minute case of the giggles is way better than waiting for him to crack a joke. There is magic in their awkwardness. “What’s your safe word?” Mine is “Vote in the poll below.” Alternate SW: “Lance Bass.” Happy New Year, P-Dubs! Back to the wine.

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