Bachelorette reject Jake Pavelka gets his pick of ladies in the new season of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love (get it? he’s a pilot!). As the Jan. 4 premiere approaches, we prepared by chatting up host (and blogger) Chris Harrison about the reality romance’s latest object of affection. “Jake’s a very spiritual guy,” Harrison says. “He wasn’t there to make out and have sex with everybody.” (Hmm, confusing. What will happen in the hot tubs and fantasy suites then?) What’s lacking in PG-13 antics, though, is made up for in drama, Harrison promises. “Jake’s as sincere as any Bachelor we’ve had,” he says. “He really came into this not for the action and adventure but to find a wife. This is something we’ve never had, but it made for a great show. So the women had drama, but it was in a totally different way.”

Harrison talks more about the new season in the video below:

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