''Avatar,'' Tyler Perry, and Kendra Wilkinson made pop culture news this week

· Avatar is the best thing to happen to blue people since Blue Man Group. And the Smurfs.
· Dear ABC: Life is not better off without Better Off Ted. Save this show!
· Love the Chelsea Lately blooper shows — especially when Geri Jewell from The Facts of Life shows up.
· You don’t have to be a prisoner in the Philippines to make a good mass dance video. Check out the Glee flash mob in Rome on YouTube.
· TeenNick airs all nine seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation in order. In semi-related news, Bullseye won’t be in the office the next few weeks.
· Brittany Murphy: Clueless is totally extra poignant now.

· Biggest Loser, Bachelor start. Brain goes into hibernation for the winter.
· Ivana Trump yells at screaming children on plane; children look at wax-museum figure and scream even louder.
· Hey, Renée! We’ve been awfully patient with you, but it’s time for you to start packing on the pounds and film Bridget Jones 3.
· There are a bunch of Oscar winners in Nine, yet the best performance is by a Black Eyed Pea member who once wet herself on stage.
· Madea. Back on tour and dressed to kill.
· Aaron Carter didn’t get the one thing for Christmas that he desperately needed: dignity.

· Charlie Sheen: It’s complicated.
· TLC’s Little Chocolatiers = big disappointment
· Tyra Banks: You can quit your talk show, but you’re still not Oprah.
· What’s a Kendra Wilkinson?
· Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn: No longer on PETA’s holiday-card list
· If Susan Boyle’s sold 2.4 million albums, how come we don’t know anyone who’s heard it?
· Nicole ”Snooki” Polizzi and Patti ”Millionare Matchmaker” Stanger: Before and after.