By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated December 31, 2009 at 01:00 PM EST

We recently chatted with our favorite romance-reality-show host (and blogger!), Chris Harrison — a lot — about the upcoming 14th season of The Bachelor. And what we took away from it is this: Dude has seen a lot of people act really dumb in the pursuit of love/camera time. “It’s an amazing study in human behavior,” he says. “I think I’m exponentially better qualified than Dr. Phil will ever be. And I’m about half as full of s— as he is. I could easily host a relationship show.” We could easily watch that. And apparently he’d experience no shortage of willing guests, either: “Because people have seen me on this show, they tell me things,” he says. “The things I know about people’s husbands is stunning. I’ll be at a bar, and they just open up to me. I know what people’s husbands like in sex, I know the size of their husband’s whatever…. They just tell me anything and anything. It’s like there’s a couch following me around and they just lay down on it.”

In the video below, Harrison also talks about how being a Bachelor makes one a better person and the level of crazy on the upcoming season of The Bachelor:

For more with Chris Harrison, check out the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Jan. 1.

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