SPELLBOUND Michal Sloat faces the unknown in Paranormal Activity

Exactly a decade after the box office phenomenon known as The Blair Witch Project, here?s another lo-fi creepshow whose effectiveness pretty much depends on how much you know about it going in. A young San Diego couple suspect that their house is haunted and decide to set up a video camera to document what happens while they?re asleep. Huge mistake. Writer-director Oren Peli shot this cheapo chiller on a budget of $15,000. (It looks like it cost at least twice that!) Of course, scares aren’t measured by their price tag, and Paranormal Activity has one or two doozies. Some viewers will no doubt want to sleep with the lights on after the film’s over; others will wonder what all the fuss was about. The lone EXTRA is an alternate ending that should also divide audiences. B

Paranormal Activity
  • Movie
  • 86 minutes