Nobody loves a good pop culture list more than us listamaniacs here at Entertainment Weekly, so kudos to the folks at Gunaxin Media for concocting this clever and certainly controversial compendium of the 10 worst Muppets. “Controversial,” because some of their picks seems flat out WRONG to me. Janice the guitar player from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem?! At No. 5 on the list?!?! I reject this totally! Those big lips and that dopey voice never fail to make me chuckle. And think about all the little girls who’ve been inspired to pick up a guitar and become super-hot rock chicks because of her example!

And don’t get me started on the inclusion of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, which Gunaxin criticizes for looking like “a yellow bowling ball with glasses.” That’s a problem? Nay! I say it’s a very clever point of visual distinction in a cast overpopulated with hairy monsters and cutesy animals! Besides, you need the straight-man that is Honeydew to best appreciate the comic brilliance of Beaker, which Gunaxin rightly hails as “one of the funniest Muppets.” But would we feel the same way without Honeydew serving as Beaker’s beleagered foil? The list also suffers fom some easy cheap shots, like Clifford at No. 3. If you’re asking yourself “Who’s Clifford?”, you’ve gleaned the essence of my objection. But some of the picks are spot on, including the cutesy abomination that is Robin, Kermit’s little nephew, which landed at at No. 2. As for No. 1… well, I won’t spoil Gunaxin’s entire list. But I do wish they had dared to go after bigger game. For example, my pick for worst puppet is — sorry, Ausiello — Miss Piggy. Never understood what Kermit saw in that screechy felt sow.

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