Yesterday, we rounded up the best viral videos of 2009, non-animal edition. Today, it’s time to embrace the cute, cuddly, strange, and wonderful world of animals online.

10. Kingsford the piglet

A tiny piglet who goes to the beach? Yes, please!

9. “Surprise Kitty”

Of course.

8. Puppies dressed as cats

Conan O’Brien hit it out of the park with this insta-classic pile of cute-upon-cute.

7. “Birds on the Wires”

Not all animal videos have to be adorable or hilarious. Most do, but there’s room for a more artistic entry on this list, hence this image-to-music video:

6. Dog on a slide

At first I laughed, and then I thought “hmm, I bet that does feel great.” There are not enough of those roller slides out there anymore.

5. “So Your Cat Wants A Massage?”

Somewhere between charming animal videos and accidental Dadaist performance art lies this very video.

4.The NY Lotto Sweet Millions commercial, particularly the piglets in PJs

I was loathe to include a commercial on this list, but this ranks among the great moments in baby animal cuteness. I’ve seen this ad dozens of time, and it still just slays me.

3. “Slow loris loves getting tickled”

And we love watching it.

2. Keyboard Cat

Easily the meme of year, and 20 times better than just writing “fail,” Keyboard Cat had as big a year as Taylor Swift.

1. The French Bulldog puppy who can’t roll over

I called this the cutest video ever, and I stand by that. This is far and away the best animal video of the year, and it’s one for the all-time record books.

Let the cute-off begin, PopWatchers!